Saturday, August 13, 2011

tak perlu rasa insecure dengan diri sendiri

morning peeps..
as long as i have been here (in this school), i go through a variety of circumstances..
there will be always few new thing that i've learnt in a day.
every single week, i gain new knowledge. i get to know more and more habit of the other teacher, the other students.
now i am teaching economic which i dont even know single of things about it.
i am zero. at first, i was shocked when i was given this critical subject (i guess so).
why i say it was a critical subject?
because it is offered to form 6 students.
is it i am ready to teach the 18-years old girls and boys?
is it i am way to have enough time to go through all the subject on the dot before enter the class?
is it i have enough references to be refer?
who will be my guider then?
i was thinking i will not survive teaching this subject.
at first!

but now, after a month and a half, i currently fall in love with it.
it is not easy but it will be easier if u do the revision and make a lot of exercises.
what's important here are you have to change your mentality.
dont even say it harder before you never try it.
dont even bother to say you are not selected person to understand the whole story about economic. because those negatively thought will bring you down.

now, every time i entered the class. which is every school day from Monday-Friday, i got class with them. 6 BS 4 = the name of the class.
surrounded by every races : Malay 6, Indian 9, Dusunian 1, Bumiputera 1 and the rest is Chinese.
every time i entered the class, i will never leave class without saying that "You are capable to achieve greatness only and only if you TRY to achieve it".
every time i entered the class, i will never leave class without saying that "This subject is not difficult, you and yourself make it difficult. Change your mind, then u'll be survive"

i believe giving the motivation to other will made u better than yesterday.
so, why must you feel insecure with yourself right?
it is all about mind-setting..

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