Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Blues

hi pupils!
how are you kids?
got enough sleep last night? well, your teacher here was so sleepy today, please took out your book and read by yourself.. duhhhh~

that's wasn't the real happened to me today..
but there were some other things happened and made me giving up with myself.
i tend to follow new timetable that given to me last Friday..
when it called Friday, so we fry all the information given into a pot and save it in the fridge to be cooled. and then in Monday, we will forget to open the fridge and leave it there and meanwhile we going to school with nothing... duhhhhhhh~

i'm sick with myself today because i entered the class without proper preparations..
ashamed with myself.
please make me better tomorrow... please deh... i'm begging u..

mOnday blues.. i hate youuuuuuu!

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