Thursday, March 17, 2011

hari ini hari khamis

esok hari jumaat
and lusa hari sabtu..
then.. there we goes to school again...

full of works to do.
not mention i am lazy but yes! i hate holidays.
why? because it made my brain slower as the holiday is for stress relief right?
the beginning another month in that school made me wonder that i suitable to be a teacher?
i always mixed up all that feeling.
am i good enough to be an idol to other while i am still searching mine?
am i good enough to be scold other when they do false?
am i good enough to be such an example when i learned that by making mistakes?
am i good enough to present/teach others?
am i good enough to be like this to be like that?

cross fingers and hope for the best..
or else, stop questioning and do the work properly.
am i right?

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